This is the best overview of holistic methods of healing and the balance between the body's organs and systems that I have ever read. Silvia Casiabianca is to be commended for her knowledge, insight, and ability to explain it all in a beautiful way that also just makes sense. I recommend Regaining Body Wisdom book highly.
By Carlene Thissen
I recommend this book highly

HIV/AIDS update - 2 Hrs

HIV/AIDS update - 2 Hrs

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Infectious Disease: HIV/AIDS Mandatory class for Health Professionals
No longer a requirement for Massage Therapists or Physical Trainers license renewal
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You can enroll in both the Medical Errors and the HIV/AIDS and save in tuition fees.

Update your knowledge on HIV/AIDS at home. Learn about human immunodeficiency, the impact of testing and different approaches to HIV and AIDS treatment.

This class is approved by 17 Florida Department of Health boards and councils, including Massage Therapy. (Go to HOME page to see which boards and councils)

Once you download the material, study it carefully. You then have different options to choose from:
a. Copy the test part from your instruction material in a new word document, answer each and all questions and send it to us by snail mail.
b. Copy the test part in a new word document, answer each and all questions and then e-mail it back to us as an attachment.
c. Take the test online (see link at the bottom of this page)